Patrons Hold Gala Christmas Luncheon

December 2021

A long overdue and much anticipated Christmas Gala was held on Sunday, Dec 12 at the Hilltop Estate of Mr and Mrs Robert De Pietro.

30 members and guests enjoyed a catered luncheon and dined in the estates "Great Room" with a burning fireplace and decorated Christmas tree. Special guests included a table of early UCLA graduates, UCLA professors and the family of Mr. Angelo Spano, 2021's casola prize winner.

Capping off the event was a performance by St. Monica's Academy choir with 2 dozen young men and women providing an ensemble of classic seasonal hymns and Christmas favorites.

Great Room dining with Christmas tree

Patron members enjoy Gala Luncheon

St. Monica Academy choir

Young men of St. Monica Academy choir

Young women of St. Monica Academy choir

Patrons enjoy choir performance