A message from Casola winner, Juliana Setta

December 2020

To the Members of the Patrons of Italian Culture,

I am so grateful to be a recipient of the 2020 Casola Prize. I started studying Italian language and culture in January 2020 and the more I learn, the more connected I feel with my family’s traditions. My grandfather spent a great deal of time with each of his grandchildren, teaching us about our family’s history and passing down traditions like making pasta from scratch. When I arrived at UCLA, it only seemed natural to learn more about the language and culture that has shaped so many special memories for myself and my family.

At UCLA, I am studying Communication and Film, Television, and Digital Media in hopes of becoming a film or television producer. In my communication classes, I had the opportunity to study how Italian architecture reflects the country's deep history. In my film classes, I was introduced to the films of Federico Fellini. Fellini’s style instantly captivated and inspired me and I hope to incorporate influences of his work into my own. As I enter a globalized film industry, I want to work on projects that combine Italian language and style with Hollywood storytelling. I aspire to work on an Italian film set and master my Italian. I am hopeful that Italian culture will be portrayed more accurately in the American media and I will leverage my position in the entertainment industry to make that happen. Thanks to your kindness and support, I will be able to pursue these dreams.

Juliana Setta