Patrons Enjoy Getty Villa Annual Spring Tour

Continuing their long standing collaboration with the Getty Villa, the Patrons held their annual Spring ‘Members Only’ visit on Sunday, March 3, to experience the magnificent "Underworld- Imagining the Afterlife" exhibition. Prior to their exclusive tour a café luncheon was enjoyed by all members and the Patrons were honored with the presence of Dr. David Saunders, Ph.D., Asst. Curator of Antiquities who was instrumental in developing the exhibition, reports Paul Romano, Patron President.


Over a lovely luncheon Dr. Saunders gave the members a ‘pre-tour’ overview of the details that went into the extensive planning and coordination between the Getty and the National Archaeological Museum in Naples among other museum partners, prior to the arrival and the major restoration undertaken by the Getty experts. The Masterpiece of the exhibition, is the famous and never seen before outside of Naples, the terracotta ‘Underworld Krater of Altamura’ (So. Italy) c. 360-340 B.C.


After lunch, Dr. Saunders gave the Patron members a most wonderful ‘private tour, which was made even more interesting, given his incredible knowledge of ‘the desires of a blessed existence after death and the ways in which nobility sought to achieve a happier after life’as shown on the many exhibit artifacts.

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