Pres. Paul Romano attends Chapman Univ.

3rd Annual Seminar: "Cinema & Culture"



As a member of the Chapman Univ. Italian Studies Council PIC Pres. Paul Romano attended the University annual seminar on April 7, entitled: 'Cinema & Culture - an Italian Perspective'. Also attending the event was long time PIC member Ms. Kathleen Mc Mullen.


Dr. Federico Pacchione, Chair of Italian Studies, once again exceeded all expectations in organizing an outstanding cultural event and a distinguished panel of academics. Students prepared a montage of cinema clips featured throughout the event.


Attendees relished in the beauty, complexity and depth of Italian cinematic expression from the Golden age of

Italian silent films (1890-1910) as presented by: Dr. John Welle, Univ. of Notre Dame, into the realm of Neorealism by

Dr. Giovanna Faleschini Lerner, Chair of Italian Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and the final segment;

'Slow Cinema - New Approaches to Image', by UCLA (past) Chair of Italian Studies, Dr.,Thomas Harrison.


Mr. Romano & Ms. Mc Mullen attended the VIP pre-conference reception and had an opportunity to meet Dr. Doti, past-President of the University and many of the other Italian Study Council members and many of the staff and Chapman students who volunteered their time for the event.


A outdoor reception followed the seminar with refreshments and an assortment of traditional Italian pastries that were enjoyed by all.


The Italian Studies Council plans on continuing the progress made to date with further programs to enhance the Italian experience with the local Italian American community and everyone who has a love of the Itailan culture.


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