A message from Casola winner, Rachel Bertola Chung

June 2022
Casola 2022 Winner, Rachel Chung

I am incredibly grateful to be a recipient of the 2022 Casola Prize. I deeply appreciate the support from President Paul Romano and the Board of Directors, and I am looking forward to continuing this new-formed relationship to promote the Italian Language and Culture.

As I continue to pursue my Finance and Political Science double majors and International Business minor, the Albert J. Casola Prize will allow me to study abroad in Milan, Italy this Fall. Besides taking an array of academic courses, including an Italian language course, I will be interning with a Milanese organization. As I immerse myself into the local culture, I will not only be able to bolster my Italian language skills, but also directly connect with my Italian heritage. This will be an extremely valuable experience that the Patrons of Italian Culture is helping make possible.

Taking what I’ve learned abroad, I will continue to promote the Italian Language and Culture as I shift into my future career. I eventually would like to work at a venture capitalist firm that focuses on supporting international start-ups. Specifically, I would like to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship by engaging in the process of advancing luxurious and authentic Italian and Italian-American products and services. As I begin my professional journey, I am looking forward to staying connected with my Italian heritage.

Grazie mille! A presto!

Rachel Bertola Chung